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Date of solar eclipse in Egypt 2022 and the best ways to watch it

Date of the solar eclipse in Egypt 2022 is what we learn about in this article, as in the past hours, the solar eclipse has been issued by search engines and various social networking sites, where people search for the date of the solar eclipse, especially in Egypt, and the best times to see the eclipse in the sky Cairo and other governorates of the Republic.

Date of solar eclipse in Egypt 2022 and the best ways to watch it
Solar eclipse in Egypt 2022

Solar eclipse in Egypt 2022

The phenomenon of a solar eclipse is a cosmic phenomenon that occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth, which covers parts of the sun from the earth, and the eclipse may be completely or partially, when the moon completely blocks the sun’s disk, it becomes a total eclipse of the sun, and when the moon blocks part of the sun, it is called a partial eclipse The solar eclipse that will occur in Egypt and other Arab countries is a partial eclipse, in which the moon passes in front of the sun and hides parts of the sun, not the entire disk.

The date of the solar eclipse in Egypt 2022

Many Egyptians search for the dates of the solar eclipse in the sky of Cairo or other cities of the Egyptian Republic. Below we explain the date of the partial solar eclipse in Egypt 2022, according to what was stated on the Al-Masry Al-Youm website.

The solar eclipse appears in the sky of Cairo on October 25, 2022, at around 12 noon. It is the most appropriate time to watch the solar eclipse in Cairo. The eclipse reaches its peak around one o’clock in the evening, so that the moon’s disk obscures 37.3% of the sun’s disk.

The date of the end of the solar eclipse in Egypt 2022

The solar eclipse lasts in Egypt for about two and a half hours, so it is expected that this phenomenon will end around 3 pm, at this time the moon has begun to move away from the sun’s field towards planet Earth.

The best ways and means to watch the eclipse in Egypt

The solar eclipse can be seen in Egypt through the Helwan Observatory; And it is free of charge without paying any viewing fees, so that there is a specialized team for such cosmic phenomena, and it is also supported by advanced monitoring devices to follow the event, and it has some devices equipped with light filters dedicated to these events, so that it allows the public to watch safely.

The Egyptian public can also watch a live broadcast of the solar eclipse event in Egypt 2022 through the official website of the National Institute for Astronomical Research from here.

Warnings when watching a solar eclipse

Scientists and specialists warn of some wrong actions that people do when the eclipse phenomenon occurs and its appearance in the sky, here are some incorrect practices when watching the eclipse of the sun in Egypt, and we advise avoiding them and staying away from them permanently, and they are as follows:

  1. It is forbidden to see the eclipse directly through the naked eye, this may lead to a state of immediate temporary or permanent blindness, due to the burning of the retina when looking directly at the solar eclipse for more than 30 seconds, so it is recommended to wear special solar filters to view this event.
  2. Avoid using regular sunglasses, because they are not intended to see these events. Although they reduce the intensity of sunlight and heat, they do not block the harmful rays coming from the sun, which may harm eye health.
  3. Also avoid the use of medical X-ray films, as some think that these films block the sun’s rays and through which the eclipse can be viewed safely, but in fact, like regular sunglasses, they may reduce the intensity and severity of harmful sunlight on the retina, but it does not block the harmful rays Such as ultraviolet rays to reach the eye, which can cause damage to the optic nerve and other damage to the eye.

In the end, the solar eclipse is a global event that everyone is waiting for, and it is a sign of God in its universe, and it can be enjoyed and watched even once in a lifetime. It is a unique and rare experience, but with taking all precautions and avoiding wrong methods to watch the event safely by following the best means and methods.